Spring Air Mattress – Your Information Guide

1First and fore mostly it has to be said that we do spend a great deal of time in our beds sleeping, some more than others, and research has suggested that a third of an entire life can be spent asleep. Considering that sleeping is a very important aspect of our lives it is imperative that when it comes to choosing a bed that it offers comfort and affordability in equal measure which the Spring Air Mattress Reviews site aims to assist you with.

There are various types of air mattresses available to choose from however the main ones include the air spring mattress which is made from an array of springs and foam built into a material frame, also readily available is the foam and also memory foam types which are becoming increasing more popular.

The air spring mattress dates back to the early part of the 20th century and was the first type of mattress manufactured and made available on the mass market. This innovation soon became popular and the quality of the air spring mattress improved over time to cater for various types of sleep requirements and most importantly for physical conditions such as back complaints to encompass different types of firmness options from soft to hard mattress situations.

Air MattressesThe versatility of the air spring mattress is such that it has adjustable and inflatable air pockets, known as chambers, allowing adjustment for different situations and sleep requirements. You can also get more advanced versions of this mattress that have multiple air chambers that are fully adjustable for even finer control of the mattress environment and allowing a much improved sleep for 2 people in a double bed situation.

You will usually find that a good quality air spring mattress, some of which are made by Spring Air, will include some kind of a pump that will enable you to setup the mattress exactly to your soft or firm requirements; you just pump it up more or less as needed. The most common manufacture method for this type of mattress is that the base of the bed is made of an array of coils that act as the shock absorber type foundation of the bed then the upper mattress is the part that includes the air coils which can be adjusted as required by the user by pumping more or less air into it and setting the desired firmness environment of the mattress.

air mattressesIt is very common that air sprung mattress come with 3 different types of pump to adjust the firmness of the mattress and these include a traditional foot pump (most common) or on some of the cheaper models you may find you get a hand pump and the most expensive version supply an electric pump which can be adjusted via remote control from the bed side. Whatever, type of pump you get with the air spring mattress they all do the same job which is to give you total control of the firmness of the upper mattress to suit individual preferences.

When you lie on your back on a mattress you have pressure points that will be more prevalent on the mattress and these include your shoulder blades and your bottom buttocks. You will find that if you lie on a surface that doesn’t offer good support to these pressure points then you will put pressure on your spine area and make it slant upwards thus causing varying degrees of back pain. With this said if you do suffer from back pain then it is a good idea to opt for a firm mattress that will inevitably offer good support in your pressure point areas and thus avoiding most back pain associated with the wrong type of mattress for back pain sufferers. An air spring mattress is a great choice for anybody suffering with back ailments such as back pain as you can control the firmed of the mattress individually and to your preference.

Overall the air sprung mattress is a fantastic innovation which bring a high level of comfort and preference to all types of sleeping requirements offering adjustable comfort to help everybody get a good night’s sleep.

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